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Refined and Oriental discovery pack (black)


The Refined and Oriental Discovery Pack is a set of 4 pool scents of 30mL each, formulated without alcohol, preservatives to avoid irritation.

Each fragrance offers a unique and elegant ambiance for your bathing.

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The Kikao’s Refined and Oriental discovery pack is a set of 4 spa or plastic pool fragrances of 30mL each.

These fragrances have been specially selected to offer you a unique and refined swimming experience.

The fragrances in the pack are as follows: Leather & Musk, Sweetness, Volupté and Elegance.


Simply add a few drops of these fragrances to your spa or small pool to enjoy a fragrant and elegant atmosphere.

The amount to use depends on the size of your spa or small pool. In general, a 30mL bottle should be sufficient for a small pool.

Features : Pack of 4 pool scents Refined and oriental scents of Leather & Musk, Sweetness, Volupté and Elegance

Formulated without alcohol to avoid any risk of skin or eye irritation

Easy to use Will not stain spa or pool surfaces

Do not disturb the chemical balance of the water

Give your sap or pool a touch of sophistication with the Refined and Oriental discovery pack, which will provide a fragrant and elegant swimming experience. Each fragrance is unique and will allow you to discover a different atmosphere with each swim.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 10 × 12 × 5 cm