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Kikao: the first essential oil-free fragrance for spas, saunas and steam rooms

Also new in 2022, KIKAO is the first fragrance for wellness facilities that contains no essential oils, fats or alcohol. And that changes everything.

First, for the comfort of your customers (and your health at work). Secondly, for the maintenance of your equipment. But above all, it introduces an unprecedented variety of fragrances available to personalise your wellness centre.

Neuro-biological research has shown that scents trigger emotions that are permanently imprinted on our brains. For example, there is nothing more powerful than a scent to trigger a positive feeling (a sense of security or relaxation, for example) – or a hostile one. A fact that every wellness centre manager should ponder.

Especially since a humid and confined atmosphere, even if properly ventilated, is naturally conducive to the development of unpleasant scents linked to the obligatory chemical treatments and the passage of humans. To remedy this, most spas, saunas or steam rooms use eucalyptus or pine essential oils. But in addition to being unpleasant (even allergenic) for some people, these EOs create a different olfactory environment, even discordant with that of the treatments you provide.

Created and manufactured in France by the Enki laboratory, Kikao is composed of microencapsulated natural perfumes from Grasse. An innovative formulation that potentially allows you to create any olfactory atmosphere, in accordance with your identity and your cosmetic universe. A small revolution for the customer journey.

Already available in 14 references in the launch phase, this new generation water fragrance allows you to personalise your wellness centre by creating different atmospheres (gourmand, floral, oceanic, spicy, voluptuous or exotic) that will increase the sensorial experience of your customers tenfold. Alongside classic but consensual fragrances (coconut, monoi…), some references are truly original, such as Bubble Gum – as regressive as diving into a jar of confectionery.

More good news. Kikao dilutes instantly in water without leaving any residue, and unlike other oils available on the market, it does not clog the filters and motors of your wellness equipment. It is therefore particularly well suited to intensive professional use.

Kikao is the first water fragrance to be labelled as a cosmetic product, and it also ensures the comfort of your customers. Dermatologically tested, its very gentle formula has been designed to eliminate any risk of intolerance to the skin or eyes – including the more fragile ones of children. Used day after day in the spa, it protects your health at work and that of your customers.

In concrete terms, simply pour a dose of ready-to-use perfume into the water to perfume your relaxation area for one to several days. Very concentrated, Kikao allows you to perfume your spa (*), sauna or hammam with only 5 grams of perfume (* for a pool volume of 2 cubic meters).

In the cabin, you can also use it without risk in your essential oil diffusers for daily use.