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Kikao - Perfumes for Pool, Spa, Sauna & Hammam

Where flowers are our inspiration

Kikao, a sensory adventure

Kikao is the story of a perfume like no other. A brand that was built around values dear to two men. Come and discover them…

The story of a name

Kikao is a name of Swahili origin (a language spoken in East Africa) which means “session”. We chose it to embody our brand because of its exotic, evocative sound. In this respect, we also thought of “hakuna matata”. An expression already well known, which means “no worries” and which underlines the festive aspect of our fragrances.

But, with Kikao, we are also on the notion of time, the duration-day of the bathing (NB: this concept needs to be developed, but I don’t master it well).

And as Kikao is phonetically reminiscent of water, in other words the environment of our products, this name was obvious.

The story of an idea

Our ambition is to make swimming a unique and personal experience. Kikao is the first brand of cosmetic-approved perfumes for swimming pools, hot tub, saunas, hammams/steam room and diffuser.

The innovation that Kikao represents will transform this moment of relaxation into a new olfactory experience and thus increase the pleasure in the water or around the pool tenfold.

Indeed, smells and therefore perfumes are a strong stimulus to pleasure. They are inscribed in us. They determine a sensation of sweetness or, conversely, of bitterness; of pleasure or aversion. Through the olfactory memory, a fragrance can therefore become an essential factor in an experience of relaxation and well-being.

With this in mind, we wanted to create a fragrance for relaxation water, and thus make the swimming pool, spa, sauna or hammam a corner of paradise for ourselves. This is how the idea of Kikao was born.